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Student's Choice : ZephVR

ZephVR is an upcoming VR headset accessory by Weasel Labs that is said to bring the user a realistic wind experience. It was just recently launched on the November 2nd of this year and is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise money to make this hardware a reality. The device uses machine learning to figure out when wind is necessary and uses the hardware to let the user feel the wind when appropriate. Since it uses machine learning they say it should work with all games that allow VR. This adds a deeper sense of immersion by letting user's feel something physical while experiencing a game.

Link to ZephVR's Kickstarter page.
Link to ZephVR's personal website.
Picture of ZephVR on a PlayStation VR headset and HTC Vive

The presented picture is the accessory attached to a PlayStation VR headset and a HTC Vive.

This video is a demonstration of ZephVR's algorithm at work.

ZephVR Presentation